Songkhla City

Surrounded by Gulf of Thailand, Pattani, Yala, Kedah, Perlis, Satun and Phattalung. Songkhla City is the capital of Songkhla Province, while Hat Yai is the largest city in the Province, also the largest metropolitan in Southern Thailand. Situated at the Peninsular along the mouth of Songkhla Lake to the Gulf of Thailand, Songkhla is traditionally a fishing village and also an important seaport in the region.

SONGKHLA is the Thai variant of SINGORA, “the City of Lions” originated from Malay language, which refers to a lion-shaped mountain near the city. Was a major urbanized area, and an international maritime trade center, in particular with Quanzhou of China during the 10th until the 14th century.

  • The iconic Golden Mermaid Sculpture sitting on the white sandy beach of Samila, is the popular half-day trip from Hat Yai, for its fresh and delicious seafood restaurants along the beach nearby
  • Cat and Mouse Statue on the Samila Beach represent Koh Meow and Koh Nu islands offshore can be seen from Samila Beach
  • Songkhla Old Town only to be included in the itinerary for an extended trip after the Golden Mermaid Sculpture, for its
    beautifully renovated century-old buildings along Nakhon-nok & Nakhon-nai streets
  • Songkhla city is only 30 km or 35 minutes distance, northeastern of Hat Yai city

Songkhla Attractions

Bangkok Chonburi Songkhla, The 33rd SEA Games are scheduled for December 9-20, 2025

Most of the events to be held in Bangkok, while watersports events in Chonburi and football and sepak takraw in Songkhla.

Nakhon Ratchasima, meanwhile, was chosen to host the Asean Para Games slated for January 20-26, 2026. Read more…

Songkhla - Mermaid

Golden Mermaid Sculpture

Thanks to the statue of a mermaid sitting on the white sandy beach, always a long queue to take photo with the mermaid. Which makes it one of the very popular destinations in Songkhla Province.

The Red Mill
Songkhla Old Town

Songkhla Old Town, featured numerous century old buildings and Cultural Heritage buildings along Nakonnok Street, Saiburi and Nang Ngam Road. Songkhla’s City Pillar, Baan Nakhon Nai Museum, The Red Mill, just to name a few, are the popular spots in the Old Town.

Nakhon Nai Museum